Angel Labs MYT´┐Ż Engine Frequently asked questions

  • How is the valuation calculated?
  • Simply put, Angel Labs, LLC owns over 100+ inventions of Mr. Raphial RG. Morgado, the inventor. These inventions are already achieved. In addition, Angel Labs, LLC will own all the future inventions of Mr. Morgado while employed by Angel Labs.

    If we only focus on the Engine, when a licensing deal is consummated, royalty income from one major company can be as high as half a billion dollars per year. We expect nominal licensing fees to be around $300M. In any point of view, the Engine itself brings the valuation to over $1B, and that's what we set the valuation of Angel Labs, LLC.

  • If this Engine is so exciting, why haven't GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, etc., licensed it yet?
  • For the last five years we have operated in a stealth mode for security reasons. We only made the information public with the press release on March 10, 2005. It will take many months for a corporation to assimilate, evaluate and take action..

  • If the technology is so exciting, why haven't major venture firms in the US invested yet?
  • The charter of the most of VCs we have contacted in the past was limited to investing in Information Technology sector only. Since internal combustion Engine is a very mature business, most venture capitals lack in expertise in investing in this sector..

  • What are Angel Labs achievements over the past 4 years with about $4 million spent?
  • Most investment was in R&D, prototype construction and plant and equipment.

    The first prototype of the MYT Engine was built from scratch to prove that the Engine technology is testable

    Since not a single part was farmed out, every part was built using Angel Labs purchased CNC machines with CAM programs to perform in production environment.

    Test Equipment including a Dynamometer by Superflow was purchased and test cell was built. To preserve the few Engines, the company selected air motoring test (less invasive) that resulted in 814 ft. lbs. of torque from 150 psi of compressed air at 900 rpm.

    We also performed R&D for a passenger car that employs a different air motoring technique for more efficient light transport.

  • What will be the price of the Engine in a passenger car, in short term and the long term?
  • Since the power to weight performance of the Engine may be over 20 times that of conventional Engine, it will compete even with a premium price initially. But in the long run, it will be more affordable than the conventional Engine just because the part count is less than 50 compared to thousands.

  • Do you have your own automotive inventions?
  • Yes. Since Angel Labs, LLC wants to remain as an Intellectual Property company, we would like to license complete automotive designs to existing and/or new players in automotive business..

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