Message to Visitors/Forum Members to Angel Labs, LLC website

As I mentioned on my Monthly report post last week, our website is being ported to a temporary location. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Joel of Mentics, Inc. who has done an excellent job of designing and hosting, including the Forum where very active free discussions occurred during this year, all free of charge.

Due to an unexpected event, Mentics is no longer providing web hosting services, but Joel has done his best so that the web presence and other minimum information are still maintained and available. The Forum will not be available for the time being, and we will make it active once a permanent host is secured.

I still receive a few emails a day from people all over the World who have just heard about this wonderful invention and their first question is something similar to, "How soon can I get the MYT Engine for my car/boat/airplane/snowmobile/etc?" Global communications are done in nanoseconds these days but it still takes many months before information is propagated throughout the World.

Well, we are still talking to many potential licensees and investors (and still alive despite the dire warnings from some of our supporters) and I believe it won't be too long before we announce a major financing/licensing deal. And don't be surprised if the first deployment is in a place far from the United States!

In the meantime, I finally persuaded Raphial to get rid of most of the equipments for machining and farming which were underutilized and getting rusty. We will probably move to a place where we can perform multiple projects with at least 10,000 sq. ft, plus hundreds of acres of land (for tests on land and in the air).

To us, one day delay is a day lost for the whole World for the next gigantic step forward!

The genie is out of the bottle and nothing/no one can put it back.


Jin (AL)