03, 03, 2005- Angel Labs, LLC, announces Historic Demonstration

The MYT EngineInto the Future !!!
Angel Labs, LLC, announces Historic Demonstration
at 10:00AM , March 10, 2005
Acampo , CA / PR FREE / Mar 3, 2005

Angel Labs will publicly demonstrate its patented
"Mighty EngineT" for the first time on March 10, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. pacific time.

The Mighty Engine, a major breakthrough in internal combustion Engine, will rapidly eclipse the conventional internal combustion Engine, which has been an enabling technology for the last industrial revolution and present civilization.

Mighty Engine will drastically reduce Fossil fuel consumption, and mitigate global warming and damage on environments. Hydrogen fuel, fuel cells, alternative power plants and hybrids will also be rendered irrelevant.

Quoting an old clich´┐Ż, Angel Labs founder and Mighty Engine inventor, Raphial R.G. Morgado, said, "Cubic inches is King." Surprisingly, with minimal bulk and weight, at 14 inches wide, 14 inches long, 150 lb., of weight, with 32 pulses, equivalent to 32 cylinder Engine, the Mighty Engine's displacement is equivalent to 850 cubic inches at the basic 32 pulse configuration. The power to weight ratio of the Mighty Engine exceeds that of the most powerful jet Engine of today. "The Mighty Engine is not only an efficient Engine but also is a very effective liquid and air pump and a powerful compressor," confirmed Mr. Morgado.

The Mighty Engine is protected by US Patent #6739307 with worldwide patents pending, and the prototypehas been built proving these concepts.

Angel Labs will demonstrate how this incredible technology can be utilized to improve our lives and change the way we travel on land, on sea, and in the air. Angel Labs, LLC and its foundernews3 cordially invite you to witness the onset of the next industrial revolution.

RSVP is requested to reserve your seat at the Press Conference at our research facility in Acampo , CA at 10:00 AM on March 10, 2005 .

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