First Prize in the 2005 Emhart-NASA Tech Briefs "Create the Future" Design Contest

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photos courtesy of Adam Leach


The winners of the fourth annual Emhart Teknologies "Create the Future" Design Contest were announced on the evening of April 3 during a dinner reception at the beautiful Water Club in New York City.

The contest, co-sponsored by NASA Tech Briefs, COMSOL, and SolidWorks Corp., attracted more than 1,000 entries from engineering professionals, students, and the general public from 31 countries around the globe. The following innovations were awarded the contest's grand prize and first prize:

Emhart CEO Paul Gustafson presented the Grand Prize of a hybrid automobile to Patrick Scholes of CPS Systems (Germantown, TN) for his Low-Cost In-Vehicle Emergency Warning Device. The device implements a simple emergency beacon detector circuit to open an electronic switch that otherwise would normally be closed. When an emergency vehicle approaches with its beacon on, the surrounding cars' detectors would pick up the signal and interrupt the cars' audio system's power for a few seconds and emit a brief alarm signal from beneath the dashboard via a small alarm transponder to alert the driver.

First-Prize winner Raphial Morgado of Angel Labs (Acampo, CA) received a Segway Human Transporter for his Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine design. The first prototype model of this internal combustion engine exerts 850 cubic inches of displacement even though the size of the engine is only 14" in diameter and 14" long, and weighs 150 pounds. The level of displacement is achieved through frequent firing -- it fires 16 times on one rotation, making it equivalent to a 32-cylinder, four-stroke engine.

For more information on all of the contest winners, visit: Be sure to check out the special contest winners' section in the April issue of NASA Tech Briefs.

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