Press Release - 10/03/2005

3,10,05-Angel Labs Press Release

"The Birthofthe MightyEngine"
March10, 2005
Comparison between the MightyEngine anda conventional engine

  The Mighty Engine ConventionalEngine
PowertoWeightRatio 20:1(3,000hp/150lbs) 1:1(350hp/350lbs)
Parts Count 50 >3,000
manufacturing cost verylow(less parts tomanufacture) high
#pulses (equivalentcylinders) 32=>hightorque @ lowrpm 8=>lowtorque @ lowrpm
uel for eficient operation fossil, andrenewable (biofuel) mostlyfossil only
Maintenance verylow high
as a Pump(liquid, gas) highflowrate, highvolume lowflowrate, lowvolume
Mechnical Eficienty(stress) low(noreciprocation) high(reciprocating pistons)
Fuel Eficiency veryhigh(less friction, etc.) low
size 14inchdia x14inches long 5ftx4ftx2ft
pollution verylow(more complete combustion) high

A newindustrialrevolution can be spawnedby the Mighty Engine And Here is one scenario

The Mighty Pumps can pump the sea water for desalination

The Mighty Pumps can pump the water thru pipeline to DesertsAnd turn the Deserts into Farm landsto grow Palm Trees, Coconuts, Soybeans, etc.

Bio Fuel extracted from Palms, Coconuts, Soybeans, etc.can fuel the Mighty Engine, hooked up to a generatorto generate electricity

Automobiles with the Mighty Engine can run on Bio FuelIndustry can be powered by the Mighty Engine using Bio Fuelwith better fuel economy and less pollution

Radical new designs of Automobiles, Ships, and Airplanes are imminent with the Mighty Engine running Bio Fuel Earth gets less polluted, while industry runs with renewable Bio Fuel which never runs out

Farm Lands on Earth can now grow our own Fuel We won�t be at the mercy of foreign oil suppliers any more.

Powered by the Mighty Engine !!!

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